Photograph of RECONSTRUCT performance


Jerboa Dance’s Jaime Waliczek created new work with Stella Kutz and performed with the Gray for this contemporary show.

RECONSTRUCT is the first enterprise of Pitch+Roll Productions, dedicated to building community and audience in the dance and art scene in Seattle. In this first installment, Jaime Waliczek of Jerboa Dance and Stella Kutz of Yaw Theater teamed up to create Notions//Forms, joined by Beth Terwilliger’s The Gray, building on the theme of reconstruction.

Situations can overwhelm us, and reduce us to splinters and rubble. Often times, this is a necessary tribulation, just the beginning of us coming through to be better, more actualized humans. The wound is the place where the light enters you-Rumi.

Or perhaps it is the reconfiguring of ideas, the idea that with more knowledge that has been dug up, or differently organized concepts, a new picture is discovered, with more depth and intrigue than before. These ideas are explored by the companies in an evening length dance concert at Yaw Theater, in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle, May 31st-June 2nd.

Photo credit: Warren Woo

GA tickets $18 presale, $25 at the door
Sunday matinee is pay-what-you-can

Youth tickets $9 presale, $12 at the door

May 31st - June 2nd 2019