Photograph of Moxie performance


“Moxie” – force of character, determination, or know-how

Jerboa Dance Company will take you on an emotional escapade through time, from a 1920’s beach party to a 1950’s technological snafu and the timeless landscape inside our minds. The emcee will lead you on a journey full of dance, acrobatics, music, and more. You will be riveted by these fantastic artists as they tantalize and perform their hearts out in this evening length cabaret.

If there is a concept that Jerboa embodies, moxie is it. We explore complex themes and have multiple meanings inside every work. While we always have a story to tell, we hope that it is both compelling and entertaining for our audiences. Our art is intended to be innovative and thought provoking as to inspire your own interpretation. We love when our art gets taken in a new direction with different perspectives.